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The Stock Markets are in for a major correction, but as always the big question is when?

Prepare yourself for the washout, but also for the opportunities it will bring…

The so called media guru’s got it All Wrongjust look back to the recent Trump campaign to see the evidence of how wrong they were with predictions of a crash, yet the markets surprised everyone with a massive rally…is it a short squeeze rally

  • On this page you will discover a 35 year old lucrative report about the financial markets, that will cost you absolutely ‘nothing’ and will dramatically change your future financial market investing decisions…

The United State’s Presidential Election surprised not only their citizens but also a lot of people all over the world. And the outcome of the whole event caused a lot of concern for the people of America and Globally.

Even though there are a lot of concerns around the Trump administration, what we will be focusing on is not about the politics of America nor about Trump himself. Our one main concern, is around what the Astute Investors have been doing since the elections concluded. What is going to happen with the stock market and America’s economy? How is it going to affect the global economy?

We will find out later, but before anything else, the information found in this page is neither for nor against Trump. We will only evaluate information based on thoroughly back tested facts.

Soon, lots of people from different countries around the globe will lose most of their money and wealth while others will gain more wealth during that time.

So how will you safeguard yourself and your family? How will you ensure that you will be on the winning side when this happens?



When Donald Trump successfully won his presidential campaign and elected president of the United States. The majority of people, especially the mainstream media, believed that he would not win and if he did the stock markets would plummet in the short to medium term. Many believed that it will have negative effects but what actually happened was the complete opposite. While some of the biggest companies were down like Facebook (down 8.5%) and Apple (down 6%), banks were up at an impressive rate of as much as 19%.

The market situation always changes and by the time you finish reading this life changing investment page, it may again be an entirely different financial markets situation. The point is that no one, not even the the mainstream media were able to accurately predict these changes. If there is one thing we can agree that is we should not take financial advice from the media and rather take our advice from thoroughly back tested computer results and price action.
On the price action note, did you know that since 1982 more that three decades ago, whenever the S&P 500 broke support, within a day or two it immediately turned around and rocketed on to far high gains. This has been back tested and occurs just over 70% of the time over that past 30 year period. Two great recent examples of this, the Brexit vote and the Trump presidential campaign. Now how’s that for blowing your old conventional technical analysis theories out of the water…

Futures Index


What changed in 1982 that has resulted in a more than 85% accuracy trading strategy over the past 35 years?
responsiveThe very short answer is the Futures Index was introduced and sold to investors.
  • Futures Index changed the stock markets.

Because the Futures Index provides enormous amounts of leverage to take advantage of. Leverage that all sorts of investors can use, especially institutional investors, fund managers and also incredibly wealthy investors to create an overwhelming advantage for themselves.

Let me explain it in a little more detail, if a number of institutional investors were to each buy or sell $10 million or $100 million worth of S&P 500 futures indice contracts…they would then completely control tens of billions, or hundreds of billions of worth of S&P 500 indice contracts.

Mom and Pop investors have literally zero control when you consider that kind of leverage is against them…

  • What do Mom and Pop Investors do to Beat the Institutional Investors?

Well you could do what everyone else does and subscribe to numerous newsletters and follow the media so called ‘gurus’. Where would that get you, as you may recall from the examples above, it would put you on the wrong side of the price action.

How many times have you frustratingly said to yourself: “Why am I always on the wrong side of almost every trade I make?

Because you are trading against the price action and against what the institutional and super wealthy investors are doing, so you will never consistently profit from the financial markets.

Read on to find out what you should do to change you financial markets investing future…

  • Price Action and Timing, it’s all about the Timing…

responsiveAfter studying the Wall Street greats, the ones who have actually amassed a real fortunate in the stock markets, like George Soros, John Templeton, Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch and many others.

You will quickly learn that its all about timing the markets, which naturally is easier said than done right otherwise everyone would be super wealthy and it would just be plain easy, which it’s NOT.

If you get on the incorrect side of the markets all the most effective studies and evaluations are as worthless as a fisherman without a rod. An Indice turnaround might not trouble somebody like Warren Buffett, because when the markets go against him, he simply waits it out. Back in 2008, Berkshire was down 56% and yet he was still a billionaire and has since more than doubled his wealth.

Well that’s him, but not us, we can not afford to to be on the wrong side of the market, so what do we do to be on the right side of the markets, all will be revealed further on…

  • Challenges facing the Average Investor trading Futures Indices

responsiveRecall we discussed how the system is rigged and we have literally zero chance of consistently profiting in the stock markets. Well that is certainly evident when you take other factors into consideration like Wall Streets High Frequency Traders who are able to manipulate and use the markets when certain rare events like the ‘Flash Crash‘ occurred on Wednesday May the 6th in 2010 at 2:32pm EST.

Within a 36 minute window the Dow Futures, ASX Futures, SPI Futures, Stock Futures and the financial markets as a whole lost more than $1 trillion dollars.

While these kind of rare events may have been initiated by individuals, or a business looking to steal a quick profit, the High Frequency Traders don’t make it any easier for everyone else, as they jump onto these rare event opportunities and ride the Trades alongside the initiator. The High Frequency Traders have super fast computers and fiber optic cables on the trading floors at the stock exchanges, which allows them to see the direction of the market movements before the average investor. Their computers are then able to automatically place buy and sell orders in parallel with the stock market movement and massively profit.

That just feels completely unfair that there is such an overwhelming advantage out there for the already wealthy investors and its completely legal too…

  • Futures Trading with Technology, The Internet and Information.
The modern day successful financial market investor now completely relies on these three primary tools to improve his odds in consistently achieving a profitable trading strategy:
  • Technology and the use of computers as a tool to validate his trading strategies. Back testing at least several years of financial markets data is essential.
  • Access to the Internet to research all aspects of the financial markets and discover new opportunities by using the collective wisdom of the world ie: Search Engines such as Google. Information, which ties into the points above. The biggest advantage we have today is that we have access to enormous amounts of knowledge and information through the use of
  • Technology and the Internet. The biggest problem with this is that we have enormous amounts of knowledge and information at our finger tips, so whats useful and what’s not…

Commitment Of Traders



There we have it, the facts have been laid out on how small the odds are for the average investor to maintain a consistently profiting trading strategy.

With the odds well and truly stacked against the average investor does it not make sense to then take the path of least resistance and like the High Frequency Traders and the wealthy investors, trade alongside them on those rare opportunities that occur in the financial markets to start generating a consistent profit.


Well that’s easier said than done, but how can you secure you and your family? How will you ensure that you will be on the winning side when these market changing events happen?

The solution is to put yourself in a WIN-WIN Situation, as said before this is achieved by trading alongside the Institutional Investors, the Fund Managers, the Wealthy Investors.

The Commitment Of Traders report is the solution to all of these previously raised discussion topics:
There was a very specific reason behind why these points were raised, to show you , the average investor, that without the right solution you have next to zero chance of growing your capital by investing into the financial markets, especially into the Cash Indices and Future Indice markets. Let’s dive into why the Commitment Of Traders report addresses each on of this points.
  • Futures Index changed the stock markets.

Recall we mentioned over 35 years ago in 1982 the Futures Indexes were introduced, well along with that came an extremely powerful report that was regulated by the U.S. government. That report is the ‘Commitment Of Traders’ report that is published on a weekly basis every week by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

The report comes in two formats and is far from pretty, its a basic text document as such that displays the open interest of futures and option positions for Commercial, Noncommercial and Index Traders. Read on to find out more about this extremely lucrative information

  • What do Mom and Pop Investors do to Beat the Institutional Investors?

First thing to do is stop following the so called media ‘gurus’, as you can see they are getting it wrong almost all the time. Stop signing up to numerous newsletters, because its information overload and it will all stat to confuse you. There is enough emotional turmoil already in Trading the Financial Markets, why add more confusion to the decisions you make. Lastly, stop trading 24 hours a day 5 days a week, cease staring at your screen drawing lines and using all of the rest of the archaic technical analysis tools (only several really help, but that’s a discussion for another day).

Start following the ‘Commitment Of Traders’ report and align yourself with the Institutional Investors, the Fund Managers, the Wealthy Investors and do what they are doing on a weekly basis.

  • Price Action and Timing, it’s all about the Timing…

To be on the right side of a Trade you need to be closely aligned yourself with the Price Action and along with that Timing your entry and exits with the Institutional Investors, Fund Managers and Wealthy Investors.

The weekly Commitment Of Traders report positions you for this, as you gain visibility of how these investors are currently positioned in the Futures Index. By Futures Index, we primarily mean the S&P 500 Futures, but this strategy is a more of a medium to longer term strategy, so it can be applied against the other major Futures Indices such as: Dow Jones Futures, ASX Futures, FTSE Futures, NASDAQ Futures, etc.

  • Challenges facing the Average Investor trading Futures Indices

As you can clearly see with the aid of the ‘Commitment Of Traders’ report you will now be able to regain that unfair advantage and put a new level of control into your financial market investing decisions.

Trading alongside the Institutional Investors, the Fund Managers, the High Frequency Traders and the Super Wealthy Investors and incorporating good Risk Management strategies will give you the overwhelming advantage you deserve to start growing your Capital.

  • Futures Trading with Technology, The Internet and Information.

The Internet has now provided us with the access we require to view key market position information (Commitment Of Traders report) on what the Smart Investors are doing. With the use of Technology, we have been able to successfully back test this 35 years of information to establish that we have a more than 85% accuracy rate of success and a 100% accuracy rate of success for every major market reversal.

With these three key tools, it’s like peering into the future on a weekly basis and then just mimicking what the Smart Investors are doing, talk about a lucrative long term strategy…

You have now received completely Free very lucrative information that has grown your knowledge and given yourself an overwhelming advantage to go from an average investor to a successful Astute Investor.  With this incredibly powerful financial markets information on hand, why would you still need Mark8 Traders “Astute Investors Subscription” service, this is why…

If there were computer code for the financial markets the ‘Commitment Of Traders’ report would have to be it.

Go see for yourself, Google ‘Commitment Of Traders Report’ and on the CFTC site you will find a number of text based documents that are full of what appears to be meaningless text.

You could spend numerous hours first deciphering and translating that text into usable information and then every week do the same again and again. Why not take the easy path by subscribing to this offer where Mark8 Traders does it all for you, you leverage off our Technology and Experience (recall a more than 85% success rate) and receive a simple to understand ‘Astute Investors’ update on a regular basis reporting how the Smart Investors are currently positioned in the Financial Markets, so you can align yourself with them to start gaining consistent profits in the Futures Market.

Astute Investors Subscription


Righto, let’s break this down, so you know exactly what to expect when signing up for this extremely powerful and long term lucrative financial markets information based service:
  • Receive notifications of Astute Investors 100% accurate detection of Major Stock Market movements before they occur.
  • Receive notifications of Astute Investors more than 85% accurate detection of Minor Stock Market movements before they occur (historically speaking this occurs several times a year).
  • Use the Astute Investors Subscription service to effectively trade ETF, Cash and Futures based instruments ie: Dow Jones Futures, S&P Futures, SPY, SPX, etc.
  • Use the Astute Investors Subscription service to protect your portfolio of existing stock investments by using inverse correlation, so when the signal is for a major market reversal (ie: Sell signal on S&P500), then buy Long Term bonds as a hedge.
  • Research has shown me that there is no signal more accurate than the COT report and our ‘Astute Investors Subscription’ service, so this information based service is key to your long term investing success.
  • Super easy to follow and understand notifications delivered right to your inbox on regularbasis informing you on the current market movement direction, so you can confidently invest alongside the Smart Investors.
  • All of this is included as a small annual investment, worth its weight in Gold to be perfectly honest, for less than $10 a month at a once off $97 per annum.
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Mark8 Traders - Money Back Guarantee

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My name is Sean Drayton and first up I am not a professional trader on Wall Street.

I run a company by the name of Global Infinity Investments PTY Ltd, which invests in a number of investment opportunities through subsidiary businesses. I have extensive experience in the IT industry and have merged that knowledge with the businesses and investment opportunities and this is how one of those businesses Mark8 Traders came to be.

I am single father with two beautiful daughters who reside in my almost full time care. With a lot of my time spent caring for my daughters, I realised that I needed something that didn’t take too up to much of my time.

I wanted to create passive income so I could work as much or little as I wanted, so I started trading futures and mechanical trading strategies 9 years ago.

I took the concept of trial and error to the extreme, developing and testing multiple trading strategies and models over the years!

Out of those, the majority of them were not profitable once tested through extensive back testing systems. I took the remaining few profitable trading strategies and back-tested them extensively to see how they would have performed over the long run.

From those I trimmed it down to even fewer that I further tested, and then came down to several winning mechanical trading strategies. I’ve continued to refine those mechanical trading strategies into the several services offered by Mark8 Traders.

I feel its prudent you know that those several Mark8 Traders services are currently sold out and no longer available. That is the only caveat I have for the services we offer, that at any point in time when the membership levels have grown to large and become unmanageable, we will close the membership, so that we can remain focused on providing a value add service to our existing client base.

It’s therefore in your best interests to sign up sooner rather than later, so that you don’t miss out on this very affordable investment opportunity.

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