Who we are…


Mark8 Traders is owned by Global Infinity Investments PTY Ltd.

The GFC (Global Financial Crisis) and post GFC years taught us some very valuable lessons about human nature, the financial markets and technology. We found ourselves analysing, researching and trialing numerous subscription services to establish whether others had successfully discovered and created automated trading systems. Eventually, we found a successful investor who had taken Technology and applied it in the Financial Markets to identify edges and remove the emotional human characteristics that interfere with profitable trading.

Mark8 Traders was created with that goal of utilising the latest technology available in the IT industry to help execute automated trades in the financial markets. The infrastructure and systems were successfully created and tested in the financial markets through our preferred trading platform Tradestation.

Initially we took the approach of marketing subscription services to the public, so that our successful automated trading systems could bring some value add back to the ordinary Mom and Pop investors. The subscriptions were successfully created and run, however they were a large overhead to manage and so for this reason we chose to exit the advisory business and return our focus back to purely building and managing our own systems.


Mark8 Traders has become our own solution for continued capital gain. This website is now just a resource for other like minded investors who wish to reach out to us