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Mark8 Traders growth rate percentages with our mechanical trading strategies…
Average annual percentage returns from 2001 to 2014 (2015 and 2016 out of sample data).
Our ProductsAvg annual growth rate
Try Me Pack13.88%
Indices Pack20.48%
Commodities Pack23.63%

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What is Mark8 Traders?

Mark8 (Market) Traders uses the power of technology to analyse instruments in the Financial Markets and then provide recommendations on when to enter and exit trading positions.

Our trading strategies are completely mechanical in design to aid in removing the emotional aspect of trading and obtain an Edge in your financial market trading.
Please see our Products page, as the equity graphs and stats speak for themselves!

Creating VALUE for you is our number one priority. Are you a New, Intermediate, or Advanced Trader? Irrespective of your trading past, we are able to help guide you through each trade supported by the integration of superior technology.

With Mark8 Traders you will find yourself side by side with us professionally trading the following instruments: S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq 100, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Oil.

Our future success is all about your success with us and the continued success of our trading strategies. We therefore strive to deliver innovative services, new speed to market trading strategies, social networking interfaces and 24/5 support.

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Why use Mark8 Traders?

Mark8 Traders mechanical trading strategies are back tested over a minimum of ten years to ensure the continuation of their current success rate, with an equity curve that remains in the top right hand corner of the screen (results speak for themselves, see Products page).
We simplify a complicated investment industry by delivering easy to follow trade signals right to your email inbox. These signals range from Short (day trades) to Medium (several days) term trades.
 Our mechanical trading strategies operate within several high volume trading markets including the major indices (S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Dow Jones) and commodities markets (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Oil).
 Each strategy is optimized to ensure a strict set of rules are applied to every trade notification ie: Risk Management, High Profit Factors, Entry and Exit Signals, Stop Loss exits, Trailing Stops, and many more.
 We aim to be a leading technology and innovation company in the financial markets industry. Through innovation we continue to strive for improved member services to aid you on your path to becoming a successful and wealthy Trader.
Our informative resources will help guide you through the basics of establishing: broker accounts, risk management plans, market trading terminology, etc. We offer 24/5 support services should you require further assistance.

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